The Marine Corps League was founded by Major General, John A. Lejeune, in 1923 and chartered by an Act of Congress on August 4, 1937.

Its membership of nearly 50,000 is comprised of honorably discharged, active duty, Reserve Marines with 90 days of service or more, and retired Marines. It includes officers and enlisted, male and female members. For those that did not have the honor of serving as a Marine or FMF Corpsman the Leagues Associate Membership Program is available.

The Marine Corps League is classified as a veterans / military service organization and was formed for the purposes of promoting the interests of the U.S. Marine Corps; to provide camaraderie and assistance to Marines, as well as to their widows and orphans; and to preserve the traditions of the U.S. Marine Corps.

It is a not for profit organization within the provisions of Internal Revenue Service Code 501 (c) (4), with a special group exemption letter which allows for contributions to the Marine Corps League, its Auxiliary and subsidiary units, to be tax deductible by the donor.

The types of membership in the Marine Corps League are:

Regular Membership

  Only persons who are serving, or who have served honorably in the United States Marine Corps, or United States Navy personnel attached to the Marine Corps, for a period of not less than ninety (90) days, and persons who are serving or have served in the United States Marine Corps Reserve and have earned no less than ninety (90) Reserve Retirement Credit Points shall be eligible for regular membership in the Marine Corps League. Proof of honorable service in the United States Marine Corps or United States Marine Corps Reserve is required in the form of Honorable Discharge, DD-214, active/reserve I.D., or other documentation that substantiates proof of service as a United States Marine or FMF Corpsman.

   Associate Membership  

Those individuals not qualified for regular membership in the Marine Corps League, or Marine Corps League Auxiliary (if and when such a detachment organization does or shall exist), who espouse the principles and purposes of the Marine Corps League as contained in its Congressional Charter, may upon application to the Detachment be accepted for associate membership in the Marine Corps League and      Detachment #1314.

If the applicant for associate membership has served with another service branch, he/she shall have served under honorable conditions. Proof of such service shall be required (DD-214).

Associate members, upon acceptance, will pay dues in the same amounts as prescribed for regular members, including initiation fees. A membership pin and membership card similar to the design and style of the approved regular membership pin and membership card, indicating "Associate Member" will be issued by National Headquarters.

Uniform and cover, including ornamental device/emblems and lettering will be established by the National Uniform committee, and will be enforced by the Detachment. An associate member shall be entitled to all the rights, privileges and benefits of a regular member, except as provided herein. Such member may not vote nor hold elective office (specifically Commandant, Sr. Vice Commandant, Jr. Vice Commandant, Judge Advocate) within the Detachment, nor any elected or staff offices at Department or National level. An associate member in the Detachment may hold staff officer or appointed positions, and may vote on the internal affairs of the Detachment or on matters not affecting Marine Corps League policy. Associate members may not vote on any membership application for regular membership.

 Life Membership  

     To become a Life Member, you must be a "Member in Good Standing".
That means becoming a member and paying your initial dues first.
Yes, according to the Bylaws, you could join the League, pay your dues and
then pay your Life Membership Dues all in the same day.
This according to the posted fee rate as of 1/1/14 could be a little stiff
all at one time for some of us, so with this in mind the Detachment has
set up the following plan to help as much as possible if you wish to become a
Life Member.
The fees

AGE GROUP                     FEE                        MONTHLY INSTALLMENT       NUMBER OF INSTALLMENT

   0-35                              $ 500.00                                $ 83.33                                         6

   36-50                            $ 400.00                                $ 66.66                                         6

   51-64                           $ 300.00                                 $ 50.00                                         6

   64-OVER                     $ 200.00                                 $ 33.33                                         6

    The Detachment LMP will allow you to pay into an account administered by  the Detachment Paymaster with oversight by the Detachment Commandant and Jr. Vice Commandant.

At the end of the six (6) month period your fee and Life Membership Request will be submitted to National Headquarters.

For a Membership Application Click on The EGA

Or contact our Junior Vice Commandant at
jvc@nwt1314.com or by using our contact sheet here.

Either way we hope to hear from you soon because

Once A Marine Always A Marine

Semper Fi

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